Monday, 23 September 2013

MIDI Arduino pause blah etc. + free music you should own

OK, winter's comming, and it should feel good to just stay home with nothing else to do than programming an Arduino. I know life's a bitch and it never lets anyone do as planned but I do hope to sit in front of my desk 1 day a week, hitting my keyboard and/or soldering stuff, and why not finish this fucking project before summer. I don't plan to use it live, since I'm too scared to face an audience but I decided that this project is my personal enemy, and that as such I shall terminate it.

As I'm waiting for my Sparkfun order to arrive (which includes a MIDI shield to help me prototype the fucker), I thought I'd post some of the free music I've encountered during these past years of online procrastination. I don't mean to post good free music, or quality free music, but free music that is essential to my record collection.

I'll start by wiping the dust off this old Merck release I own on CD, Bruxist Frog by Proswell, now available as a pay-what-you-want download on bandcamp. This excerpt may sound like video game music to many people (it's maybe 10 yeard older than Minecraft). It just sounds like music to me. Fucking lovely tune, beautiful. I wish I could do that.

Off the same album, Eu Auberderr. You think you hear beauty until the melody kicks in @ 3:00. Forget it.


Get the album if you don't have it already, you fucking criminal. I won't spoil it by posting the last track, it deserves more attention than you can provide right now.

This next track is from a more recent record, Meek by Bitbasic, released on The opening track is a killer, it reminds of Boards Of Canada eventhough it's better than anything they've released IMHO. :)

On the Atari ST side of things, I've been in love with this Tao track from 2000, released on the album Wave Upon Wave by the Atari collective YM Rockerz. The album is available as a ST disk image, MP3 and SNDH formats. You don't have to be into chiptunes to dig this by the way.

That's all for now, I've got some tracks on my drives that don't seem to be online anymore so I'll have to upload them somewhere. Gems.

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